Thursday, February 26, 2009

the names - swimming

full length album with an interesting vibe. feels very post punk, yet breaching into new wave with some synthesizers backing the main sound. male vocals and a full band.

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College - Secret Diary

some amazingly catchy sounds reminiscent of the 80's with a bit of disco thrown in there. personally not a fan of disco but the awesomeness shines through and wins the battle for me. give this a listen if you love electronic sounds! it has vocals on several tracks, but is mainly instrumental.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

culturcide - tacky souvienirs of pre-revolutionary america

anarchistic anti consumer hate fueled cover songs, vocals over the original track/music with additional music added. this guy gets it. completely astounding backlash against mainstream media and people that accept mediocrity and no personality in general. check this out!!!!!!

50 MEG / ZIP

Sunday, January 11, 2009

crash course in science - cake in the home / signals from pier thirteen

primo early synth punk / minimal synth wave etc. with song lyrics about cardboard lambs, kitchen appliances, and salesmen this really hits the spot. included are 2 ep's.


plus instruments - big man

kick ass minimal synth punk. also treated some female vocals on this one. good mix of sounds and rhythm here, its hard to sum up the album with one genre.

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the garbage and the flowers - eyes rind as if beggars

amazing lofi garage rock with a sort of psychedelic/experimental twist. if you are into fuzzy and warbled sounds give it a listen. the band name seems to have been derived from a leonard cohen song lyric in suzanne. a lot of the songs on this album are quite long but remain solid. mainly the sounds on this blew me away, coupled with some great lyrics.

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unit 3 with venus - unit 3 with venus ep

a fun filled new wave / synth punk ep. entertaining lyrics about beer, sleepover parties, and boys. female vocals , child singer ! lots of good vintage synth sounds with a band.